Psalms ov Khaos VI -- "The Clear Light ov the Void"

by Teloch Vovin

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The lyrics are inspired by the Saturnian Working arching over TELOCH VOVIN's entire existence. The title is a reference to the lyrics and the expressions: The White Light (Light Of Creation) which is broken up through the prism/prison of manifestation into the myriad of manifested forms. The Black Light (The Devouring Light Of Anti-Creation) which is the adversarial aspects ov the Khaos which is at the Heart ov all TELOCH VOVIN Psalms, and The Clear Light is the light of the void before and after creation and which is what will remain after Mahapralaya."


"Clear Light ov the Void"

I curse thee, thy procreative essence, which seeks to become at all costs, Be it cosmos, Flesh or cancer. Finite forms existing at the privation of the Spirit bound within. Born to death Like Daughter to mother, enshrined in rot and decay.

I Curse thee the right side of the altar, the right hand of god, I Curse thee, thou who breathed life into this Creation, that which birthed this Horror. I Curse Thee, that which seeks to limit the unfathomable, thou who seeks to measure out the Limitless. I Curse thee that which shines forth its deceiving rays binding us to the futility of this existence. I Curse thee, that which begat this cosmic cycle and binds us within the Ring Pass Not. For the Flesh is ever a Grave for the Spirit bound to the insatiable thirst for becoming, enslaved within the cycles of time, a reflection trapped with its own reflection. Shrouded in its ignorance.

I Invoke Thee, the Blackest ov Lights to Devour the Blinding Light of Creation, so the Spirit may Dwell forever in the Clear Light ov the Void!!!!

I invoke thee, entropy and transcendental Death, the cross and Scythe of Saturn, placed in opposition to creation. I invoke thee, the raging Khaos, the Primal void, manifest and devour me, move within and without, shattering the limits that bind, breaking all bond which enslave the Spirit to this cosmic structure. Awaken Me from this slumber.

The True face ov divinity is not one of flesh or form, but one ov limitless Potential beyond these pale, frail forms of being. Let your glory manifest, and deliver Us from this Hell. Saturn the great lord of Death and Transcendence, let your sickle fall and creation tremble as the pains of manifestation subside, subdued within the Ecstasy of the void. To Thee I bend My will, and threw you, I embrace my second death. Towards liberation I give my every breath.


released March 21, 2017



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