Psalms ov Khaos V -- "Filius Dei Sum Nihil Sum Non"

by Teloch Vovin

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My God Ov Darkness, Ov death and thunder. Eyes like embers ever burning.
Spirit like the maelstrom churning. Thou countenance, Thine radiance Bereft of knowing limits, boundless in thine essence, subtle in thy Grace.
A Serpent with a Janus face. Sheds of skin as shattered Forms, Shevirat Ha-Kelim. Condemned the ten vessels of creation by this force Ov liberation.

The Serpents songs, sung to me, called me to awake, arise. Calls me there, to yonder shores, beyond the pale, thru the veil of ISIS parted, from finite forms departed. For when the Serpent and I are as one, it is the rapture of the earth, but when I and the Serpent are none, then is the ecstasy of Liberation.

Bereft of limits the aeons they tremble, shards of the vessels shattered sets the spirit free. Ascending the Tree, the Serpent, thy Spine, the Spheres of creation negated, nullified in there turn. Bereft of Limits and the Laws of cause, Kether devoured, the essence reborn, the Serpent sheds all forms.

Bereft of knowledge those who know not they face, veiled in illusion, asleep in delusion, not Dead but Dreaming. Shadowed thy true face to those not awake, only to be caught in glimpses in there darker desires but yet fear holds sway,
And faith is silent for it has nothing to say. For reason is the death of desire if thou allow thy fears to conspire, eternal bound, Entombed In decay, thine spirit Transfixed In slumber, terrestrially bound, futility your epitaph.

Luciferian Light, Inverted Sun, the ravens Ov dispersion in flight above the seas Ov Nun. Sum None awakened, arises, steps forth on the path Ov thorns, the pathway Ov liberation. Bereft of the ties which bind, both Ov the ego and the Of flesh. At the celestial crossroads Ecstasy inhaled Thru thine second death. Transcending the realm of Kronos, towards Liberation give thy every Breath.


released December 21, 2016



all rights reserved