Psalms Ov Khaos IV "A Ritual in Transfigured Time"

by Teloch Vovin

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This is the Fourth Track in our Psalms Ov Khaos Digital Release Series.
May Light ov the She-ein Bo Mahashavah Guide Those Worthy and Devour Those Not!!!!!


Psalms Ov Khaos IV “A Ritual in Transfigured Time”

From My Lips the Words ov Maveth Drip Like Honey for the Insane, Soma for the Wounds ov Life and the Stains ov Creation.
The Widdershins Dance ov a Ritual in Transfigured Time.

Atropy, Entropy, Apathy , Past, Present and Future.
Three Prongs on the Trident, to Pierce the Veil.
To Sever the Ties which Bind, Through the Heart, Through the Soul. Three Prongs apon the Crown ov Spirit, Dipped in the Venom ov God, To Poison the Brow ov Adam Kadom
And Impoverished the Seeds ov Creation In a Ritual Within Transfigured Time.

Death, A Gateway beyond. A Gateway Yet not the Goal.
An Opener ov the Sheath ov the Soul. To Spill Forth the Seed Contained Within. Our Fateless Death, To Unleash the Spirit Enslaved Within. Crowned and Conquering, We Gaze Beyond the Rim ov Worlds, To Greet Eternity and Boundless Freedom Within Our Ritual ov Transfigured Time.
Thru Sphere to Anti-Sphere, From Pole to Anti-Pole this Dialectic Conflict Rages, Gateways 1 thru 7 Transcended in its Wake, the Flesh to Forsake. To Taste the Divine as it Drains from Our Wounds In this Ritual ov Transfigured Time.


released September 22, 2016



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